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Bringing texture to the blockchain.


A collection of unique NFTs by artist Alexander Randall, each one linked to a physical painting. When you purchase the NFT, the physical painting is sent to any address in the world that you nominate, for free.

BTC is a project aiming to bring physical art onto the blockchain. The aim is to create a digital community of collectors through the minting of NFTs of unique concrete art. Every NFT is linked to a real-world painting made with concrete on aluminium panel. When you purchase the NFT, you become the owner of the physical piece too. The painting is either sent to you for free, or held for you in perpetuity. 

The collection is hosted on OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace. As the owner of both the NFT and the painting, you can keep or sell one or both. The NFT and the physical painting are not necessarily linked beyond the first sale.


If you want to receive the NFT only, the artist will store the physical piece for you and guarantee your ownership of it. It belongs to you and cannot be sold once you own the NFT. If you sell the NFT, as the owner you can choose whether to sell with the painting or as a digital asset alone. 

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